Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I have been far too stressed out this past week.  I'm blaming the full moon! 
The carriage house project is progressing way too slowly for my taste.  But then patience is not my strong suit.  Costs keep rising.  We need a tourniquet on our bank account!
Went to choir rehearsal Wednesday in pain from this blasted shoulder problem.  My soprano sax was on the fritz!  Dropped a leak light into it yesterday and found the problem.  Bent the key back into place that was leaking.  I have to play with the choir in church today so I had to fix it or move to plan B.
I've been keeping up with the Hope You Can Cling To challenge on Split Coast Stampers.  That has been my creative outlet for a couple of weeks.  I really need to do some sewing.  However, it seems all I want to do is play with paper and ink!
Next Sunday I am supposed to portray another dead person in the Gasconade County Historical Society's cemetary walk.  I must get my act together for that.  Since I have lost so much weight, my period costumes don't fit anymore.  I really need to do some sewing!
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