Friday, October 7, 2011

Not Happy

This was taken Wednesday afternoon

No card this morning.  Just a lot of angst about the skyrocketing costs of the infamous "Carriage House."  So far, it already costs more than the first house my first husband and I bought!  We may have to move into the "Carriage House" and rent out the house.  There's no plumbing in the carriage house, so that may be problematic.  To add plumbing would have added another several grand!  I'm thinking outhouse at this point.  Are they still legal?   I do have a really pretty antique chamber pot (with lid).  That could work for the middle of the night.  Perhaps Richard could build one of those chairs with the chamber pot secreted under a hole with a discreet lid.  He could probably use the scrap from this very expensive building project.  We did have a hose bib installed right outside the "Carriage House" so we could run a hose into the building for tooth brushing and hand washing.  Tossing the water out the window would be good for the bushes we may or may not be able to afford for landscaping the "Carriage House."  At this point we will probably have to use volunteers from the many plants we have growing already.  I'm getting really, really cranky!

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