Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today Is a Special Day

Forty years ago today, I gave birth to this adorable little bundle we call Baby John.  John Richard to be exact.  He was the second of my two very special little boys.  He has brought me much happiness and is an all around great guy.  Talented and smart, he is a son any mother would be proud of.  We share a special kind of bond.  We love some of the same movies (nobody will watch The Young Frankenstein with us because we know the entire dialog and are not shy about giving away the punch line!)  We both share a deep and abiding love of all kinds of music (except C&W - it' so co-dependent!).  He enables me to remain a child in an old lady's body by giving me gifts like Elmo dolls and silly tee-shirts.  He makes me smile.  He makes me happy.  He makes me very glad that I am his mother.  He's mine.  No one else's.  Just mine.  My baby boy.  My very big baby boy!  I gladly share him with his adorable and adoring wife, Andra.  But he's still my baby and only my baby.  Get over it.  Happy Birthday, sweet Baby John.  Yo momma loves ya!

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  1. love the baby pic - I assume he grew into those long legs and broad shoulders?