Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Great Day!

     Today has been a great day!  It's cold and cloudy, although there have been moments of sunshine.  I spent most of the day baking.  I have decided to make my own bread from now on.  I love baking bread.  I learned how to make bread in the 8th grade!  That was a couple of years ago.  (Snort!)  I do still have the cookbook we were given in Home Ec in 8th grade.  However, I used a recipe from King Arthur Flour. ( I really like King Arthur Flour.)  This bread is 100% whole wheat with lots of seeds (sesame, sunflower, flax).  I am all about real whole grain bread.  So while the bread was rising, I baked a cake to take to our potluck dinner after church tomorrow.  I also made some apple, raisin, nut bars that are just plain yummy!

After all the baking was finished, I decided to "finish" the hat and scarf I made on my new knitting looms.  I believe I have said before that my mother-in-law (who is an expert knitter) calls my looms idiot knitting!  That's okay.  They are great fun and wonderful therapy.  I learned to crochet when I was seven so I have always crocheted.  However, knitting still eludes me.  These looms are just great.  My older son sent me a set of round ones for Christmas along with a lot of pattern books.  I got the long loom set on sale at Michael's after Christmas.  I made the hat on one of the round looms and the scarf on one of the long looms.  I am very proud of them both.  Plus they are nice and warm!  I used one strand of ivory acrylic worsted weight and 1 strand of the metallic yarn together.  I just needed to sew on the buttons today.  I can't wait to wear them.

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