Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ready for Spring

      Okay, it's been a very weird and warm winter.  (I think that qualifies as an alliteration.)  Since most of the roses have started to sprout little tiny leaf buds, it's time to get the season started for real.  We did manage to have a measurable snowfall a couple of weeks ago, but seriously, it's time.
     Since moving to the mid-west nine years ago, I have discovered that winter is grossly overrated.  Where I grew up, on the Texas Gulf Coast, winter was a magical, mystical thing we read about in story books and saw in movies (i.e. Dr. Zhivago.  Remember that opening scene where black clad zombies trudged through the immense snow with a casket hoisted over their heads?)  Now that was what winter was about!  Not one long season of hot, sticky, humid, damp, (I could go on for days with adjectives describing the non-winter aspects of the Gulf Coast) . . .
     However, nine years into this experiment in seasons, winter has totally lost it's appeal.  It's just plain cold.  Cold to the bone cold.  Shivering in my thermal's cold.  Freezing my butt off cold.  Get the picture?  So as I sat in my "studio" (if you saw it you'd die laughing at that one!) shivering, I was inspired to create something to remind me that it WILL be spring soon.  So I came up with this little art piece.  What do ya think?

     At my next stamp camp I am going to unleash these materials from Stampin' Up! on my girls (snicker) and see what they can come up with.  Make it your own, ladies!  This should be great fun.
     We will also create a couple of cards.  You can never have too many butterflies - - -

     And this one . . . . .
     Hope you have a creative day.  Think SPRING!

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