Sunday, June 10, 2012

Father's Day

I thought today was Father's Day so I worked feverishly yesterday to get this card finished.  That was on top of having had NO sleep on Friday night.  When I say no sleep, I mean no sleep.  My butt was totally dragging the ground all day Saturday.  Oh well, enough of poor me!
This card has all the elements of Richard's passion - gardening.   Plus it has his big red truck!  Unfortunately, we have both been very upset about our rose garden which is nine years old now.  It has been infected with a horrible virus called Rose Rosette Disease.  It is spread by microscopic mites.  All of the infected bushes must be destroyed.  Richard has been cutting them out and burning the canes.  It is very sad.  Not to mention a lot of money going up in smoke!
I hope the card will let him know how much I appreciate all the work he does to make our home stunningly beautiful!  (That's when I give it to him NEXT Sunday!!!)
Here are some pictures of the gardens that I took a couple of weeks ago.  Richard has such an amazing green thumb!!!

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